10/19/2011 | Seoul, Korea

KORANET Conference on Nanotechnology

The third annual KORANET conference will focus on Nanotechnology and will be held in autumn 2011 in Korea. The previous KORANET conferences focussed on Green Technologies (Seoul, 2009) and Life-long Health (Budapest, 2010).
Nanotechnology has been one of the most important innovations of recent years and has rapidly become the basis of many products that are now in use, especially in biotechnology, diagnostics, drug delivery and material science. The success of this still novel technology has been in its potential to offer smarter solutions that have broad applications in industry, as well as in agriculture, medicine, and transportation.
At the KORANET S&T Nanotechnology conference, key scientists from Korea and the European area will present current achievements from their fields of expertise, and provide a platform for the discussion of future visions for the development of the technology. At the conference, current achievements of nanotechnology will be presented followed by presentations and a discussion of future visions of the technology developments as well as the main potential application areas. Speakers of the conference are top scientists from Korea and Europe.

The conference is organised in the framework of KORANET (http://www.koranet.eu), a four-year project financed by the 7th EU Framework Programme on Research and Technological Development. KORANET aims at enhancing the S&T cooperation between European countries and Korea across all scientific fields. The conference will be held in cooperation with the KESTCAP project (http://www.kestcap.org), a platform to disseminate information on the European Research Area and the 7th EU Framework Programme in Korea. Experts from the fields of nano- and biotechnology jointly participate in the morning plenary session of the conference. After lunch, the participants split up in two groups to follow more focussed presentations in nanotechnology (organised by KORANET) and biotechnology (organised by KESTCAP). The lunch and coffee break as well as the joint dinner will offer ample opportunities to the participants of both events for networking and exchange.

Objectives of the conference
- To give an overview of the current scientific level and achievements of nanotechnology in both Korea and Europe
- To exchange the visions and predictions of the future developments of nanotechnology
- To facilitate future cooperation and networking between Korean and European researchers

Conference target group
- Korean and European researchers active in the field of nanotechnologies
- Policy-makers and programme owners
- KORANET project partners
- The interested public


- Conference agenda

- Conference report

Project Coordinator

Dr. Gerold Heinrichs
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Managing Coordinator

Hans Westphal
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Stimulating and facilitating the participation of European researchers in Korean R&D programs
Korea-EU S&T Cooperation Advancement Programme
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 226154.